How to register if you are a first-time patient portal user?

You will need to fill out a paper registration form to sign up for Sirius Care. Forms are available at your General Practice. Your General Practice will give you instructions on how to access Sirius Care for the first time, or click here to see an online guide. The Sirius Care link is available via your General Practice website.

How to register if you already use a patient portal?

If you are using an existing patient portal, such as ConnectMed or ManageMyHealth, there may still be a registration process you will need to go through.

Please check with your General Practice on their process for registering patients with existing access to a portal on a different Electronic Medical Records system.

How to book an appointment?

Access Sirius Care via your General Practice website.

Go to the ‘Appointment’ icon and then follow the steps. Make sure you know your availability before booking. Each General Practice may have different rules around scheduling, such as how many days in advance you can book, and how much of a medical provider’s appointment book is accessible via online booking. If you cannot find a time that suits, please call your General Practice as other appointments may be available.

Booking online is not appropriate for urgent appointment needs. Please contact your General Practice via telephone if you feel your appointment is urgent and in the case of an emergency, always dial 111.

View further instructions here.

How to check test results?

Simply click on ‘test results’ on the left hand side of the Sirius Care home page.

This will direct you to your ‘investigation results’, where you can select a timeframe and the type of result you want.

If your results show up on the portal, your medical provider has reviewed the information. Written explanatory notes by a medical professional will appear in red. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your results, contact your General Practice.

View further instructions here.

How to request a repeat prescription?

Click on the ‘repeat prescriptions’ area. Tick the box for each medication you would like to renew. If you wish, it is also possible to identify a pharmacy which you would like the prescription sent to. You will then be able to add the item to your refill request. This request must be approved by your General Practice before it can be filled.

If you are on a regular medication and it does not show up in the medication list, please contact your General Practice. Some medications are not able to be listed for repeat prescriptions.

View further instructions here.

How to edit your Security Questions?

It is possible to edit your Security Questions when logging in to Sirius Care.

View further instructions here.

How do I link clinical records?

If you want to link clinical records (e.g. for a family/whanau member), you must first have their permission to do so. You will need to access Sirius Care (the patient portal) through your General practice’s website and make sure you have the username and password of the person you are linking to.

View further instructions here.