What is Sirius Care?

Sirius Care is a secure, online patient portal developed by Pegasus Health and Intrahealth, and used by General Practices that are using the Sirius Electronic Medical Record system.

Sirius Care provides you with online access to parts of your existing medical record and gives you new ways to communicate with your General Practice.

Sirius Care may allow a patient to:

  • Increase communication with their General Practice
  • Receive news and updates from your General Practice
  • Review clinical notes, where access is granted by your General Practice
  • Book appointments online
  • Request a repeat prescription
  • Keep track of medical measures such as blood pressure, height and weight

Please note, what you can do in Sirius Care will be determined by the level of access your General Practice has decided to offer. Each practice is unique and may offer different features of their portal at different times. To check what Sirius Care can do for you, please talk to your General Practice.

Patient portals are used around the world and are widely accepted as a safe and secure way to access your health information and communicate with your primary health care provider.

To find out more about patient portals, please visit the Ministry of Health.

Sirius Care features

Online booking system

The Sirius Care online booking system means you can book an appointment at your General Practice from anywhere and at any time, as long as you have internet access.

You can view, book and cancel appointments through Sirius Care. Appointments will incur the standard Practice fees.

Request a repeat prescription

Sirius Care gives you more options for managing prescription requests. You can view your long-term prescription list, request a repeat prescription online, and see the outcome of that request. In some cases, your medical provider may need to see you in person before approving a repeat prescription.

Please check with your General Practice to discuss their payment policy on repeat prescriptions.

View your test results

Sirius Care offers options for you to view your test results online. This gives you access to your health information at a time and place that suits you.

This option is dependent on practice policy. Please refer to your General Practice if you require additional information on which services are available to you.

Mobile app

We are developing a Sirius Care app. This will soon be available through the iTunes store and Google Play. Stay tuned for our app release date.